Control panels DSE

Control panels

DSEGenset® is an intelligent portfolio of single- and multi-group generator control solutions, voltage protection relays, light tower control solutions, Automatic Digital Voltage Regulators (AVR’s), telecommunications devices and expansion units.

The DSE Controller Generator is the best product you can buy for your business, here are some examples of DSE Controllers you can choose from:

Manual/Automatic Operation Controllers (MS/AS)

Mains (Instrument) Failure Control Modules (AMF)

Synchronization and Load Sharing (LS) controllers

Engine control modules only (E)

Lighting tower consoles (L)

Expansion Units (EX)

We offer you a wide range of DSE Control Panel Modules for your engine applications.

DSE Batteries Control & Charge

We provide you with various types of DSE Controller Battery Chargers and Power Supplies for industrial applications, you can choose the one that fits your needs the most.

Battery charge (BC)

Intelligent Battery Charging (IBC)

power supply (ps)

Self Power Supply (SSP)

This variety of DSE generator controllers and product specifications are controlled by new methods of technology which has made it easier for humans to efficiently obtain more power sources.

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